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   Amazing Amalfi    

Sorrento - Ischia - Amalfi Coast 
10 days 9 nights
5 Star Accommodations 


Embark on an extraordinary Spectacular Journey designed to offer a premium and indulgent vacation experience. Tailored for those who have already explored the wonders of Rome and the Amalfi area, as well as first-time visitors seeking a more leisurely escape.


Immerse yourself in the epitome of relaxation with leisurely lunches and dinners, exclusive private boat tours, invigorating thermal spas, enticing shopping opportunities, and authentic cultural encounters. Each day presents breathtaking postcard-worthy vistas, captivating your senses.


Unwind in 5-star accommodations boasting enchanting Tyrrhenian Sea views. Delight in an unforgettable dining experience at a prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant in Sorrento, offering panoramic sunset views overlooking magnificent Mt. Vesuvius and the beautiful Bay of Naples. Indulge in delectable cuisine amidst the ancient walls of a 13th-century Norman Tower, adorned with breathtaking views along the enchanting Amalfi Coast. Additionally, enjoy delightful lunches on our boat excursions in Ischia and Nerano.


Choose this idyllic journey to refresh and rejuvenate, granting yourself ample time to immerse in the sheer beauty of each destination.

May 23 - June 2, 2024

$7250 per person

Please inquire directly and ​we will be happy to turn this into a private Spectacular Journey curated just for you 



Grand Excelsior Vittorio.jpg

Day 1

Welcome to Sorrento!


We begin our luxury Amalfi Spectacular Journey in Sorrento!

Our private driver will greet you at the Naples airport with a sign bearing your name. You will be transferred to our prestigious 5-star hotel in Sorrento.Our luxurious accommodations is ideally located for both un-paralleled views and easy access to Piazza Tasso and all the lovely shopping and restaurants streets. 

*note we can also arrange a transfer from Rome FCO, inquire if needed.


Our hotel boasts stunning Tyrrhenian Sea views, allowing guests to indulge in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. There are lavish gardens and one of the best terraces for cocktails and sunsets in all of Sorrento.

Spectacular Journeys Sorrento.jpg

Day 2

Free Day in Spectacular Sorrento

Today we can enjoy a free day. There are so many options for you. You can relax by the pool, head to one of the platform solarium beach clubs. Enjoy the hotel spa or garden or shop the charming alleys throughout the city center. 


Tonight join us for an included sunset welcome dinner at a Michelin star restaurant with sweeping views over the Bay of Naples and Mt Vesuvius.

Ischia Island.jpg

Day 3

Idyllic Ischia 

It’s  time to bid farewell to the enchanting town of Sorrento as we embark on a seamless transfer to Marina Piccolo. There, a high-speed hydrofoil ferry will whisk us away to the idyllic island of Ischia. Upon arrival at Ischia port, our driver will be ready to greet us and assist with our luggage, ensuring a smooth transfer to our luxurious 5-star hotel in the picturesque Sant'Angelo. Our hotel offers breathtaking views of one of the world's most beautiful gulfs.

A volcanic island located in the tranquil Tyrrhenian Sea, Ischia exudes the timeless beauty, vibrant spirit, and warm hospitality that embodies the essence of Italy. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of yesteryear as you witness scenes of Italian grandmothers hanging out laundry, religious street parades, and the sight of locals zipping by on Vespas.
One of the reasons we chose this hotel for this special trip is that it’s connected to a thermal spa and offers a private beach!

This means each day of our stay we can enjoy the thermal poos and spa amenities. Aphrodite Apollon Thermal Spa lets us escape to a blissful oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. We can experience the healing power of mineral-rich thermal pools and indulge in luxurious spa treatments. Rejuvenate your body and mind in their saunas and steam rooms and find inner calm in our tranquil relaxation areas. Or you can choose to stay active in their state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Embrace the revitalizing effects of thermal mud treatments and an array of massage options.

Procida Ischia boat.jpg

Day 4

Private Boat Day to Procida & Coast of Ischia 

Today we head off on a private boat tour to see Ischia from the sea and the postcard pretty island of Procida. Our captain will greet us right in Sant’Angelo marina, a few minute's walk from our hotel.


Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting charm of Procida, the most charming colorful island on the Bay of Naples. As you step onto the shores of Procida, you'll immediately be embraced by a kaleidoscope of pastel-hued houses, each adorned with their own unique personality. Wander through narrow streets lined with quaint cafes, boutiques, and artisan shops, where the scent of freshly caught seafood mingles with the inviting aroma of local delicacies. 


As we continue along the enchanting Ischia coastline, soak in the awe-inspiring views of rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and pristine beaches. We will pass by Castello Aragonese Ischia’s most famous landmark. With the castle as our backdrop, we will enjoy a leisurely stop for swimming at an exclusive seaside beach club. Afterwards we will indulge in a delectable lunch experience, where you'll savor fresh, local cuisine paired with refreshing drinks. 

Gardini Poseidon ischia.jpg

Day 5

Ultimate Spa Day on Ischia

Today we take time to enjoy the ultimate thermal spa on Ischia, Gardini Poseidon. A renowned wellness retreat. It is a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a wide range of thermal spa experiences that harness the healing properties of the island's natural thermal waters.


Surrounded by lush gardens and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, at Gardini Poseidon, guests can immerse themselves in a series of thermal pools filled with thermal waters known for their therapeutic benefits. From warm mineral-rich pools to invigorating hydro-massage jets, each pool offers a unique and soothing experience for the mind and body.


The spa also features a variety of wellness treatments and therapies. Guests can indulge in luxurious massages, rejuvenating body wraps, and revitalizing facials, all using high-quality natural ingredients and performed by skilled therapists.


One of the highlights of Gardini Poseidon Thermal Spa is the unique thermal grotto, a natural cave where guests can enjoy a steam bath infused with mineral-rich thermal vapors. This ancient practice has been valued for centuries for its detoxifying and skin-nourishing benefits.


In addition to the spa facilities, Gardini Poseidon offers a range of other amenities to enhance the relaxation experience. Guests can enjoy the tranquil relaxation areas, take part in yoga or meditation classes, or unwind in the beautiful gardens surrounded by fragrant flowers and lush vegetation.

Winery lunch Spectacular Journeys.jpg

Day 6

Amalfi Coast 

Prepare for a memorable day of wine tasting and culinary delights as we bid farewell to Ishida and commence our journey to the captivating Amalfi Coast. Our private driver will accompany us to the port, where we'll embark on a high-speed hydrofoil to Naples. Upon arrival, our dedicated driver will be eagerly awaiting us, ready to whisk us away to a remarkable winery located at the base of majestic Mt. Vesuvius.

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey as we indulge in a wine tasting and lunch experience unlike any other. 

This winery stands out as one of our favorites in Italy, renowned for producing impeccably smooth wines that owe their unique character to the volcanic soil of their vineyards. After this delightful culinary experience, we'll be transferred to our luxurious 5-star accommodation in the breathtaking town of Maiori, located on the iconic Amalfi Coast.

Prepare to be enchanted by the natural beauty, rich flavors, and unrivaled hospitality as we dine under a canopy of grapes.


After lunch our Amalfi Coast adventure awaits as we are transferred to our 5 star hotel in Maiori

We purposely chose Maiori for this Spectacular Journey because it is much less touristy than the other towns. It has the longest stretch of beach with sparkling turquoise waters. The 
entire town is flat and walkable, with many locals enjoying La Dolce Vita here.

Amalfi Boat Spectacular Journeys.jpg

Day 7

Amalfi Coast By Sea, Positano & Delightful Lunch in Nerano

Today we will embark on an exclusive private boat tour along the captivating Amalfi Coast, departing from the marina located right in Maiori. It will be a day filled with sun, fun, swimming, postcard views and amazing authentic local food. 


As we step aboard  our private boat, get ready to relax and unwind as we set sail along the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.soaking in the magnificence of the Amalfi Coastline. Marvel at the dramatic cliffs, cascading colorful houses, and charming coastal towns that dot the landscape.


Let’s enjoy the refreshing sea breeze as we  glide past iconic landmarks such as the famous Li Galli islands, the coastal towns of Altrani, Amalfi, Furore di Fordo, Conca dei Marini, Praiano and then we will arrive in at the diamond of the Amalfi Coast, Positano. We will disembark and enjoy some free time here. Immerse yourself in the charm of this picturesque town as you wander through its narrow, winding streets. Admire the elegant boutiques, local shops, and artisan workshops that line the cobblestone pathways, offering a unique blend of fashion, crafts, and local treasures. of fashion, crafts, and local treasures. Don't miss the opportunity to capture the iconic view of Positano from a higher vantage point. Alternatively, you can spend your free time relaxing and a sun-lounger and swimming with the most amazing views.


We will meet up with our captain and head to the enchanting village of Nerano. This Amalfi Coast town is mainly accessible by the sea. For this reason there will be far less tourists here. We will enjoy an included lunch in a four-generation owned seaside restaurant. Built on a platform jutting out to the sea, this lively, vibrant restaurant is always a treat and favorite of our clients. We will savor the traditional Italian cuisine of the region while enjoying panoramic views that will leave you in awe.


As we sail back to Maiori we will have time to swim in the sea, bask in Mediterranean sun or seek a shady spot to enjoy a glass of Prosecco.

Ravello Spectacular Journeys.jpg

Day 8

Ravello - Mozzarella & Ultimate Lunch in Fuore 

Today our private driver picks us up as we head to Ravello.

We will step into the timeless beauty of ,this jewel town on the Amalfi Coast. Where history, culture, and natural splendor converge in perfect harmony. We begin our day in the heart of Ravello, a picturesque hilltop town that offers breathtaking panoramic views.


We will admire the charming atmosphere of Ravello's historic center. Have time to wander through narrow cobblestone streets adorned with colorful bougainvillea and discover hidden plazas adorned with centuries-old architecture. Marvel at the striking medieval cathedral, a testament to the town's rich cultural heritage, or visit one of the local artisan shops to find unique souvenirs and handcrafted treasures.


A highlight of any visit to Ravello is Villa Rufolo, an architectural marvel nestled on the edge of a cliff. This historic villa boasts exquisite gardens that have inspired generations of artists, poets, and musicians. Lose yourself in the vibrant colors and fragrances of the lush terraced gardens, adorned with exotic flowers and citrus trees. Admire the intricate Moorish designs that grace the villa's architecture and take a moment to drink in the breathtaking views from the cliffside terrace, where the Mediterranean stretches out as far as the eye can see.


We then stop off to mozzarella class! We will enjoy a fun cheese making experience. The owner of this tiny local shop is a lively 4 generation owner with an enormous personality. He is asked to make fresh mozzarella at weddings and for events all over the world. 


From there we head to Furore for a lunch that will live in your memories forever. A family owned restaurant with the most talented and passionate chef on the entire Amalfi Coast. The restaurant will be opened just for us and the chef will prepare his creations for us to enjoy on a terrace overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea! 

e for all to enjoy.

Maiori Spectacular Journey.jpg

Day 9

Fabulous Free Day in Maiori
Farewell Dinner in a 13th Century Tower

Today enjoy the perfect vacation day to enjoy in any way that makes you happy. Our hotel has a fabulous pool and amazing private beach and a spa.

Great day to finish your souvenir shopping and enjoy this truly authentic Italian seaside commune. 

Join us this evening for a sunset farewell dinner at Torre Normanna, also known as the Norman Tower, it is a medieval watchtower in Maiori. There are 13 other defense towers along the Amalfi Coast, built during the Middle Ages to defend each area. Only two are being used these days, and this is one of them. Dating back to the 13th century, this ancient fortification is testament to the rich history and strategic importance of the region.

Rising majestically above the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the tower stands as a symbol of both strength and beauty. With its sturdy stone walls and commanding position atop a rocky promontory, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline and the endless expanse of the Mediterranean. This is where we will enjoy our farewell dinner. They offer amazing local cuisine and excellent service.

DAY 11_edited.jpg

Day 10

It’s time to say goodbye to us — and the friends you made during the best small group tour on the Amalfi. A final breakfast is followed by a transfer to Naples airport and your journey home. 

Maiori Spectacular Journeys.jpg
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