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 Spectacular Journeys

All About Us

Welcome to Spectacular Journeys — the Home of European Vacation Packages for Groups and Individually Curated Private Vacations.

We are small, independent travel company that specializes in bespoke travel experiences and European tour packages for small groups and private travelers. As a family-run business, we take great pride in helping people make the most of their European vacations. 


We know how to deliver unforgettable experiences and moments. We don’t offer the standard European vacations you’ll get from traditional travel agencies. Instead, we listen to the preferences and requirements of our clients — and create customized Europe tours that broaden horizons and open minds. As frequent European travelers ourselves, we have personally been where you want to go, and have first hand knowledge of what it takes to turn a traditional European vacation into a Spectacular Journey.


We’re on a mission to give our clients the European journeys of their dreams. We curate trips for small groups and for individuals, to ensure people get to see and experience destinations from a fresh point of view. Whether we’re organizing a sightseeing tour of Croatia or a dream getaway to Greece, we always strive to offer something out of the ordinary. 


At Spectacular Journeys, we believe that a tour of Europe should reflect the traveler’s tastes and preferences. That’s why we offer bespoke experiences that strike the perfect balance between traditional tourist activities, sampling local lifestyles, and exploring local customs and traditions. 


Our small group Europe tours are limited to just 10 travelers. Whether we’re helping a couple searching for new gastronomic experiences or a solo traveler in need of some companionship, our group tours of Europe inspire friendships and nurture human connections. We believe that travel experiences in this beautiful continent are best shared with like-minded people. 


We’re able to create Europe tours for groups and individual travelers that deliver lifelong memories because we’re travelers ourselves. We’ve explored this wondrous continent on many occasions. We’ve sampled it’s food, its wine, its cultural attractions, and it’s countless breathtaking vistas. 


We organize travel packages and private tours using our extensive knowledge and experience of Europe and it’s incredible countries. If you’re ready to take your next Spectacular Journey, get in touch today!

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Office:  201-238-2560

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