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Charming Croatia

Dubrovnik, Hvar, Ston, Split
11 days 10 nights

10 Breakfasts 6 Lunch /Dinner meal   experiences

Sitting on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia’s coastline is truly Spectacular! Come explore the many wonders, meet the warm-hearted people, learn about their culture, their food and immerse in the breathtaking natural marvels of this beautiful country. We fell in love with Croatia and know you will too!

August 18 - 28, 2023

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$4750 per person


Day 1

Your group tour in Croatia starts in Dubrovnik — the Pearl of the Adriatic. The daytime is yours to do as you wish. Once you’ve acclimated, we’ll have a very special welcome dinner waiting for you.

Dubrovnik Riviera

Day 2

Your private tour in Croatia is as much about relaxing as it is about experiences. That’s why we’ve given you the morning and early afternoon to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dubrovnik — as well as its stunning beach. 

The group meets later afternoon and head straight to the Medieval City Center. We’ll take our time savoring the stunning architecture in the area, which is characterized by its terracotta roofs. We’ll also visit some of the district’s baroque churches and fortress walls. To to keep your energy levels up, we’ll stop at a few select Croatian eateries to sample some of the country’s famous delicacies. 


Day 2 of our private tour in Croatia is all about experiencing the quintessential Dubrovnik. For a unique vantage point, make sure you walk the famous city walks before we begin our food tour.


Day 3

Free Day

We want our tours of Europe to be relaxing experiences with plenty of opportunities to recharge your batteries. That’s why we’ve set aside a day just for you. Whether you want to soak up the sunshine on the beach or indulge in a little retail therapy, we’ll leave you to it. 

Mali Ston Croatia

Day 4

Today our private driver will transfer us to Split in style. 

However, we like to enjoy a leisurely pace when we travel to Europe. That’s why we’ll make a stop in the picturesque town of Ston on the way. Located on the Pelješac peninsula, this beautiful settlement is famous for its medieval village and the longest fortress walls in Europe. 


European vacation packages should always feature lots of local cuisine, good wine and gastronomic experiences. With this in mind, we’ve planned a visit to Mali Ston Bay — famed for its oyster farms. Together, we’ll enjoy the finest seafood and wine Croatia has to offer. And we’ll do it against the stunning backdrop of a spectacular bay area. 

Croatia Seaside

Day 5

Good morning Split

The next stage of this spectacular group tour in Croatia involves relaxation, stunning coastlines and the freedom to explore. Say hello to Split — one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Explore the streets, take in the culture or simply relax on the beach with a cocktail…the choice is yours. Every tour in Europe needs days like this!

Hvar Croatia

Day 6

Following a relaxing day in Split, we make our way to Hvar — a picturesque island located just off the Dalmation Coast. This incredible destination was frozen in time centuries ago, which means its architecture is a sight to behold. Of course, every private tour in Croatia should feature lots of good food and fine wine. That’s why we’ve scheduled a lavish table lunch and a visit to a family-owned winery. 

Trogir and blue lagoon Croatia

Day 7

When you travel to Europe from the US, we believe you should take every opportunity to savor the stunning views and the very best Mother Nature has to offer. That’s why we’ve scheduled a boat tour to the Blue Lagoon and Trogir. 


We’ll pass the two Krknjaši islands to give you the best possible vantage points. You’ll also get the opportunity to swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon. We’d never let a group tour in Croatia pass by without a little culture, which is why the next stop is the tiny coastal town of Trogir. This is where you’ll get the chance to soak up the culture, charm, and atmosphere that makes this little settlement so popular. You’ll also get the opportunity to sample some gourmet cheese and fine wines before we make our way back to Split.

Split Croatia

Day 8

Europe tours are best enjoyed while well-rested and relaxed, which is why we start day 8 with a leisurely morning. Later in the day, we make our way to Split’s historic city center — where you’ll get to see Diocletian’s Palace in all its hypnotic majesty. Our private guide will then take us on a walking gastro tour and introduce you to some of Croatia’s finest delicacies. A private tour of Croatia doesn’t get better than this!

Split Croatia Beach

Day 9

Free Day

We want your European tour to be packed with opportunities to just kick back and relax, so day 9 is a day of rest. Make the most of your leisure time to sample local cuisines, soak up the sun, or simply relax on the beach. You’ll need to recharge your batteries for the action-packed next stage of this group tour in Croatia

Krka National Park Croatia

Day 10

The best vacation packages in Croatia always include opportunities to explore the natural fauna and flora of the area. And day 10 of our Europe tour is packed with such opportunities. We head to Krka National Park, which is easily one of the country’s most impressive areas of natural beauty. We’ll take a close look at the beautiful vistas, plant, and animal life. We’ll also take in the splendour of the park's waterfalls.


After a morning of exploration, we’ll make our way to the character-filled town of Sibenik. You’ll get the opportunity to explore the town’s architecture, landmarks, and atmosphere before we all enjoy a farewell lunch. We will delight in the traditional Croatian dish of Peka, as well enjoy the local wines produced at this family-owned winery. Travel to Europe should always end with a gastronomic adventure!

Day 11

It’s time to say goodbye to us — and the friends you made during the best small group tour in Croatia. A final breakfast is followed by a transfer to Split airport and your journey home. 

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