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Spectacular Journeys offers the best escorted small group travel to Europe. We also offer escorted private tours to Europe for your own group. If you are just overwhelmed with planning your European vacation, let us make it spectacular with our affordable itinerary planning services 

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Spectacular Sorrento Seaside in Summer

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Going to the beach in Sorrento is a unique experience. The gorgeous town is perched high on a cliff above the sea. You can walk down the mountainside or take an elevator from the waterfront communal gardens to reach either the free beaches or one of the fabulous beach clubs that offer sunbathing platforms, which jut out from the mountain. Once settled on your sun lounger you can swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea with unobstructed views of Mount Vesuvius. It is also possible to order cocktails, and lunch delivered right to your chair. Locals as well as tourists enjoy this area. Many locals meet their friends and family here, play cards and gather their chairs in circles having lively conversations in between dips in the sea.

 Spectacular Journeys

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