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Spectacular Journeys offers the best escorted small group travel to Europe. We also offer escorted private tours to Europe for your own group. If you are just overwhelmed with planning your European vacation, let us make it spectacular with our affordable itinerary planning services 

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Lunch With A View

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Adding to the delight of any excursion in Europe, is enjoying a leisurely lunch with a view. If you are visiting a coastal city, the obvious choice is a seaside lunch. For cities away from the coast, views of mountains, olive groves, vineyards, or restaurants perched high above it all are excellent choices. At Spectacular Journeys we adore taking the time to soak in the natural beauty of our surroundings, while enjoying local meals. All meals we arrange for our small group European travel, or our private curated journeys ensure carefully planned experiences that include beautiful views whenever possible. Each region is known for its own culinary specialties, so it's a good idea to move away from your typical lunch choices and discover something new and different. Many times, you will encounter local variations on familiar dishes, sometimes there will be very unique selections available. It's a great opportunity to find new favorites that delight your palate. So take the time, to socialize, immerse in the moment and enjoy your spectacular surroundings over a delicious and memorable lunch.

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