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Spectacular Journeys offers the best escorted small group travel to Europe. We also offer escorted private tours to Europe for your own group. If you are just overwhelmed with planning your European vacation, let us make it spectacular with our affordable itinerary planning services 

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Travel versus Vacation

For many years, vacation for me meant an escape to a warm climate, seaside with palm trees and sandy beaches. Rest and relaxation, swimming, snorkeling, and boat activities, combined with late afternoon naps and wonderful dinners, were the desired goals. On my first group trip to Ireland, I insisted I could not possibly go in August to anyplace where there was not a body of water outside the front door of our accommodation. The experienced traveler, who planned our trip actually found a lovely, thatched roof cottage in the Lough Derg area of Tipperary. We were right on the lake, and I was very excited to go. As a good friend she didn't dash my dream vacation by telling me in advance that there was no valid reason to stay so close to a lake, even in August, because there were three seasons of weather each day, from 40 degree mornings, to rain, to 70 degree sunny afternoons and you would need a wetsuit to even attempt entering the lake. We had an amazing travel experience as we explored many beautiful areas of Ireland on that wonderful trip. I then differentiated in my mind that there was travel trips and vacation trips and the ideal would be a combination when possible. When I started to explore more of Europe, I quickly realized, the beautiful benefits of travel. Visiting historic and architectural sites, exploring charming cities wine tastings, cooking classes, exploring natural wonders, learning about local customs and lifestyles are equally enjoyable and worthwhile pursuits. When deciding to start our own escorted Europe small group tour company Spectacular Journeys, we wanted our mission to be creating the perfect combination of travel and vacation to ensure the best possible trips for our clients. As an example a few days in the eternal city of Rome, combined with a sailboat trip around Capri, a day exploring Pompeii and a wine tasting at the foot hills of Mt Vesuvius, followed by a day enjoying the Sorrento seaside, combines the dream of vacation with the joy of travel.

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